Our most important asset will always be the people who work for us, who demonstrate in their day to day activity the right values to support the organisational objectives and do their very best for our trainees, and indirectly support excellent patient care.

Staff Engagement

We believe engaged staff will be stronger advocates of the organisation and help protect the business from the reputational risks associated with poor service levels and quality.

Communication and staff involvement is important to the Executive team and we have timetabled regular team briefings and business performance meetings. These communication processes offer staff the opportunity to feedback as well as appraise the staff of internal and external business, objectives and goals. As well as contributing to stimulating and maintaining staff engagement, sharing of ideas and assisting the organisation to focus on its strategic imperatives, it provides a boost to morale.

Staff Development

A competent workforce that is able to be flexible and adaptable to organisational and service needs is a strategic objective of South West Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education.

In keeping with supporting this goal and contributing to talent management and succession planning we offered a development opportunity to the wider workforce and carried out a series of Management and Leadership courses for all our staff from Bands 2 to 7.

Motivating, inspiring, developing and attaining goals are highly important skills and responsibilities for staff and managers alike and our aim in providing the course was to support these responsibilities and provide a further insight into how to apply and recognise the skills.
We also offered our staff (and also the wider organisation) the opportunity to attend a minute-taking course to support those who have an increasing need to undertake this task.

The Education and Development day is our annual and most formal activity for staff engagement as well as supporting individual development. The Education and Development day was a resounding success again last year and this practice also provide the Executive team with confidence in having achieved the organisational plans for the past year.