Initial Series Module Descriptors

Modules 1&2 - Training & Patient Safety and Successful Learning Environments

  • Be able to discuss the purpose and format of induction to a clinical area and be able to use the balance between service and education to maximum training benefit. Identify learning opportunities in the clinical environment and identify the expected competencies of a trainee
  • Recognise and discuss the symptoms of a doctor in difficulty and the roles & responsibilities of the clinical and educational supervisors
  • Understand the trainee and trainer roles in the supervisor meeting, review and discuss the Educational Supervisor Report

Module 3 - Workplace Based Assessments & Feedback

  • To demonstrate how high quality training can be achieved utilising workplace based assessments and providing feedback through formalised supervisors reports and constructive verbal comment
  • Explain what Work Place Based Assessments are, their purpose and how both the formative and summative elements need to be applied to use them effectively
  • Discuss the Principles of giving effective feedback

Module 4 - How to Support Trainees & Career Planning

  • To be able to identify the signs of a trainee with difficulties. Developing a deeper understanding, through practical activity, of the techniques and structure required to deliver impartial, confidential and informed career guidance in the trainer/trainee interaction. Real life case studies will be used and the use of video cameras may take place at certain times during the afternoon session
  • To understand the types of problems experienced and discuss solutions. Tools and resources – introducing the in-house PPGME and national tools and resources currently available to support the work of trainers providing career support. Delegates will be given the opportunity to gain ‘hands-on’ experience of using these tools
  • To understand the roles and responsibilities of the posts (individuals) involved in postgraduate education. Signposting and referral systems – delegates will be introduced to Careers and other support services e.g. mentoring, coaching and counselling provided free by PPGME to guide and support trainees in their career development

Module 5 - Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) & Beyond

  • To understand the ARCP process - the evidence submission, panel remit and outcomes & consequences
  • To gain knowledge & understanding of the role of the educational supervisor in and following the ARCP
  • Awareness of the integration of this module with the supervisor training required by Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education



Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education (PPgME) has developed a framework to ensure the appropriate training of all educational and clinical supervisors and in doing so we are keen to ensure that we don’t duplicate previous training and consequently waste precious time.

A number of individuals have indicated that they have completed various areas of training over the past few years via other providers. We need to record and recognize this in a fashion that we are then able to cross reference to our own courses. These are compatible with the current GMC standards and mandatory requirements.

We have produced a single form (please click on the link below) which will allow us to achieve these aims. If you wish previous training to be recorded please complete the form and return to the Faculty Development Team. We will then communicate to you which courses we have accredited you for and those you need to complete. If you wish to accredit more than one course, please complete a separate form for each.

Accreditation Form 

If you have participated in a PPgME course you do not need to complete a form as we have current documentation of this.

If you have previously done training in an area you are more than welcome to update this via the courses we offer.



Professional & Generic Skills Programme for Doctors in Training and SAS Doctors


If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact the Faculty Development Team.