The Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education (PPgME) programme of training for both the ‘named’ clinical supervisor and the educational supervisor has been designed around the GMC domains for trainers. There are 5 modules (1-3 for the role of 'named' Clinical Supervisor and 1-5 for the role of Educational Supervisor). 

The ‘named’ clinical supervisor is the person responsible for creating the clinical supervisors report that is incorporated into the Trainee’s educational supervisor as part of the ES report for the ARCP assessment process. There are currently no Health Education - working across the South WEst/ GMC requirements for normal departmental clinical supervision.

The initial series of modules 1-5 will be offered throughout a 12 month period in three training windows.

Modules 1&2 and 3 will be held on Day 1 and Modules 4 & 5 will be held on Day 2

  • The three windows will be February/ March, May/ June and October/ November

  • Day 1 & Day 2 can be attended in any order with consideration of diary availability

The venues:

  1. The Plymouth Postgraduate Medical Centre will host a training day at each of the windows

  2. The RILD Centre in Exeter, the Torbay Horizon Centre, North Devon Postgraduate Centre and the Truro Postgraduate Centre will share the other days  

Current dates for the programme: