Accessing Centralised Study Budgets - Specialty Course Guidance 

The following information is offered as guidance and is not finite or exhaustive; there may be other courses that would be accepted that are not listed here. All study leave applications should be discussed with Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director who will review the application against curriculum requirements and your personal development plan (PDP). This discussion will highlight whether the courses is aligned to curriculum and achievement of Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or whether the course is of an aspirational nature. Part-funding may be considered to support aspirational activity; however, approval must be sought form the TPD or HoS.

Please note this information may be subject to change.

Study Leave Course Guidance: ACCS

School Speciality/programme  Required / Aspirational Course
ACCS all ACCS trainees (regardless of parent specialty, but within their first two years i.e. ST1/2) Required Advanced Life Support Course
Advanced Trauma Life Support Course
Regional Clinical Skills Course
Regional Novice Anaesthetist Course
Regional New to ICM course
Regional New to Acute Medicine course
Regional New to Emergency Medicine course
Regional Primary Teaching anaesthetics
Regional Teaching AM
Regional Teaching EM
Regional Return to Work course (if appropriate)
Regional Transport of the critically ill
Aspirational All other courses and conferences may be agreed for study leave but will be deemed as aspirational and will be paid as per Deanery guidelines at 50%.

Version 1 : July 2019