HEE National Education and Training Survey (NETS)


The HEE National Education and Training Survey (NETS) is a national survey relevant for all health care professionals which captures the quality of the learner’s experience at their place of work or practice learning environment.


The NETS has been developed to provide an overview of the quality of placements from a learner perspective, across all learner groups.


It is intended to provide a critical source of evidence for standards contained within the HEE Quality Framework as well as for the national HEE Quality Dashboard, which is currently under development. The intention is that the multi-professional aspect will improve consistency and inclusivity in the analysis of placement quality, as well as remove the duplication and inconsistency in learner surveys that are currently administered across HEE.


Implementation of the NETS will enable good practice to be identified and shared nationally, as well as highlight areas of risk to be addressed. This data is then analysed and fed back to key stakeholders, such as training providers and approved education providers.


Development and Pilots

During 2016-17, the NETS pilot focused on establishing validity and reliability of the survey.  The aim of the second pilot that took place during April 2017 – March 2018 was to:


  • further refine and develop the NETS survey,
  • inform the survey platform specification,
  • inform the analytical model (how data is collected, stored, presented, analysed and reported),
  • optimise stakeholder engagement,
  • maximise survey completion by learners and enable local quality teams to start to implement NETS with HEE’s priority learners in 2018/19.


NETS is now in a phased implementation stage, being rolled out gradually to a variety of non-medical learner groups throughout 2018/19:

  • Pre-registration Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians across the South.
  • All STP Healthcare Scientist learners nationally.
  • Trainee Nursing Associates across the South.
  • Apprentices across the South.



Will I be asked to respond to the National Education and Training Survey?

During the phased implementation period, you may be asked to take part in the NETS. This will be communicated to you via your employer, provider, School, HEI or directly from Health Education England dependant on the job role you are training for.


If I respond to the survey, will my employer/manager/tutor be able to tell that the responses I give came from me?

When analysing and reporting on the responses given via NETS, we follow an n>2 rule to maintain learner confidentiality. Any references to specific locations or people that appear within feedback, will be removed before reports are given to providers and education institutes. The only exception to this is where a serious concern or patient safety issue is fed back via NETS (see below).


Can I report a patient safety issue via the National Education and Training Survey?

Patient safety issues should not be reported via NETS in the first instance. You should always follow the usual process for reporting serious incidents within your area. Any serious concerns or patient safety issues raised via NETS feedback, may result in you being identifiable from your responses, as we have an obligation to act upon that information and follow the HEE Serious Incident Framework.


Please also see the Patient Safety and Escalating Concerns Pathway


How will the responses I give be used?

Responses are collated into a report, and analysed for any areas of good practice or possible risk. This is then fed back to local HEE Quality Teams, who may wish to act on the information following normal Quality processes. Reports will then be disseminated to relevant external stakeholders such as providers, Schools and HEIs.