Study Leave for An Overseas Course / Conference Guidance


 International courses or conferences will only be considered in very exceptional circumstances and should be approved PRIOR to booking by the Postgraduate Dean or his/her Deanery delegated person.  Any costs incurred by the trainee without having approval will be borne by the trainee if the request is declined.


Trainee Responsibility

  • Make sure any study leave is compatible with your agreed personalised development plan and approval sought PRIOR to attending the event
  • Complete the Request for Study Leave for an Overseas Course/Conference Form at least 8 weeks before the event
  • Forward the Form to the Deanery generic or with a subject heading Overseas REQUEST for Study Leave
  • The Deanery will aim to respond within 48 hours (2 working days) of your request
  • If your application is approved, you will be issued with a reference number
  • If approved, please request study leave time through your Trust in the normal way.  They may seek evidence of approval from the Deanery – it is your responsibility to check what is required from your Trust
  • If approved book your course/activity and pay if required. Please claim via your employing NHS Trust, quoting the reference number that was provided on your approved application. You will be required to provide receipts.
  • After the event please ensure copies of receipts are submitted to the Deanery generic email address or  with a subject heading Overseas Claim. Please include the application reference number in all communications.
  • All receipts should have a registered VAT number. 
  • A copy of the booking form for flights including costs will be accepted; a receipt from the hotel will be accepted with an itemised account on expenditure; personal credit card receipts of payment will not be accepted.
  • All claims must be submitted within 3 months of having attended the educational event.  We will be unable to reimburse the Trust for any claims after this timeframe in accordance with our financial instructions.