Master Class for Senior Educators - Unconscious Bias

Category: Master Class - Other

Date: June 7th 2016 1:30pm until 5:00pm

Location: Hestercombe Gardens, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton, Somerset TA2 8LG

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An academic series of expert classes mainly held at Deanery House in Bristol on topical and emerging areas of importance in medical education for Postgraduate Medical Education. They are open to HEE Southwest, Postgraduate Medical Educational Teams, Educators in Trusts and GP Trainers. Global and nationally important speakers and subject experts are sought and invited.



A programme of faculty development for senior educators in the Severn and Peninsula to assist in creating a consistent understanding about current developments and issues affecting medical education.


Reasons for offering this Master Class:

Much of the training we now receive in equality and diversity is the standard annual or every couple of years mandatory e-learning programme which provides an overview of current legislation and not a lot more.  Whilst e-learning is more resource effective for large organisations it does mean that we miss out on the all-important dialogue and sharing of concerns, questions and ideas that deepen understanding and extend the application of  these important concepts and principles.  One area that has been recently researched and demonstrates how we may unwittingly discriminate at work is that of ‘unconscious bias’.  This concept indicates that our background, personal experiences, societal stereotypes and cultural context can have an impact on our decisions and actions without us realising  this is happening.  Implicit or unconscious bias happens by our brains making incredibly quick judgments and assessments of people and situations without us realising we are doing this. Unconscious bias can therefore heavily influence recruitment and selection decisions and how we deal with people an can be communicated through ‘micro inequities’ – little unconscious gestures of exclusion. This workshop will explore all of this and help us review our own approaches and practices in postgraduate medical education.


Speaker details:

Lynne Hunt is an equality and diversity specialist and an assessor and has worked with a wide range of business and public sector clients including the University of Derby, Barclays Bank, the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the Home Office, the Princes Trust and CGGwynedd.  She is a member of and speaker for the Birmingham Centre for Business Ethics and a volunteer training consultant for Business in the Community and Young Enterprise.


Aim of this master class:

To explore how everyone is capable of displaying unconscious bias and how this may be played out in medical education.


Objectives: by the end of the master class participants will be able to:

  • Describe what unconscious bias is and how it can affect judgement and decision making and negatively impact on others at work
  • Describe the cognitive and mental filters through which we view and interpret ourselves and others
  • Outline how micro inequities can emerge when least expected
  • Outline how unconscious bias affects ways of evaluating, assessing, rewarding and working with other people
  • Summarise how organisational norms and values develop and may reflect unconscious bias and how they can impact on the quality of decisions and work outcomes


To book a place please contact Severn Education Team.  When contacting the team please confirm the event title and the date you are interested in attending.