Core Anaesthesia & ACCS Anaesthesia

Specialty Recruitment CT1

Recruitment Timetable

Apply from 7 November 2018
Closing date 29 November 2018

Health Education South West has vacancies in Core Anaesthesia and ACCS Anaesthesia at Specialty Training Level One (CT1).

There are 6 posts in Core Anaesthesia in Severn. There are 14 posts in ACCS Anaesthesia in Severn.

There are 9 posts in Core Anaesthesia in Peninsula.  There are 19 posts in ACCS Anaesthesia in Peninsula.

All posts commence in August 2018.

Applications are to be made through Oriel and will be managed on behalf of Health Education South West by the Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office at Health Education West Midlands.  Refer to 'Resources' tab to access further information including access to Oriel and the Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office at Health Education West Midlands website.

It is really important that applicants only preference posts / rotations that they would consider accepting.  If an applicant is offered a post / rotation and reject the offer they will not receive another offer for this specialty in this recruitment round.

There will be one selection centre for the South West, but applicants can attend any selection centre.   It is important to note that the selection centre attended will have no bearing on which post / rotation candidates are offered.  Applicants will book an interview slot through the online portal.  


Interview Dates:              23th, 24th & 25th January 2019


Please refer to the person specification to check you meet the essential eligibility criteria prior to submitting an application.  Please note that the vacancies advertised may be subject to change prior to interview.

To contact us please email Recruitment Helpline or telephone the support line on 01454 252610 (between 8.30 am - 4.00 pm)


Anticipated Outcomes

  • Completion of core training in an uncoupled specialty