The career planning team have put together a series of career planning information sheets to help you effectively prepare for medical recruitment and selection.

Information sheets in this series are:

Hints and Tips for Producing a Medical CV  (CPIS/1)

Guidance for Producing Medical Portfolios  (CPIS/2)

Specialty Assessment Centres   (CPIS/3)

Working Abroad   (CPIS/4)


Please refer to the specialty section of the website to find out more about current and future special training opportunities available within the Peninsula 

We hold the following reference books that relate specifically to medical recruitment and selection

  • How to get a specialty training post - the insider's guide, (Danny C G Lim)
  • Getting into Specialty Training, (Philip J Smith, Manoj Ramachandran, Marc A Gladman)
  • Preparing the perfect Medical CV, (Helen Douglas, Vivek Sivarajan & Matt Green)
  • Medical Interviews - a comprehensive guide to CT, ST and Reg interview skills, (Olivier Picard, Dan Wood, Sebastian Yuen)
  • Medical Interviews and Professional Development, (Chinmoy K Maity)
  • The Good GP Training Guide, (Matt Burkes & Alec Logan)
  • Succeeding in your Consultant Medical Interview, (Robert Ghosh)
  • The Consultant Interview, (Sara Watkin, Andrew Vincent)

The following are held in your Trust library and may be borrowed:

  • so you want to be a medical mum
  • so you want to be a brain surgeon

Useful articles relating to recruitment:

How to apply for an ACF post - BMJ Careers have given their permission to link to this website