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Why not join the Careers Focus Group for Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education?

We are now recruiting for members to form a Careers Focus Group to include medical students and doctors in training

Who are we?

The Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education Career Planning team provide a range of services to enable medical students and doctors to proactively plan their careers.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for medical students and doctors in training, including foundation and specialty trainees, to join our Careers Focus Group that will discuss the marketing and delivery of our service and promote it to peers

Why should I get involved?

This will be a great opportunity to extend your CV and make yourself more marketable for specialty recruitment.  We will provide you with official recognition for inclusion in your portfolio.  It will also be an opportunity to shape the careers support offered to students and doctors within the Peninsula.

What will I be getting involved with?

This will not be an onerous commitment.  We wish to arrange twice yearly group meetings of approximately 1 hour at the locality you are based at, including complimentary breakfast, lunch or tea. We will pay reasonable transport costs for attending these meetings.  Attendance at these meetings will be the main commitment but you may also have the opportunity to be involved with giving presentations, marketing our service to peers and appearing on podcasts etc.

Where and when are the meetings taking place?

Autumn 2016 date TBC

How do I join?

Email us with your name, grade and location

Action resulting from Careers Focus Groups held Autumn 2013

The Career Planning team have listened to and analysed the feedback from Focus Groups held across the Peninsula in autumn 2014 and as a result have made the following changes;

Actively market (Career Planning Service) to CT/STs via Educational Supervisors

… we emailed all Peninsula CT/ST trainees to inform them about the support available from the career planning service. This will now be repeated at regular intervals.

We would like to see “Mock" interviews for ST3s

… we have undertaken an increased number of mock interviews for ST3 posts.

Medical students need to start planning their careers earlier and have greater access to career planning service from Year 3 or 4 for career planning sessions, 1:1’s, short written guide to specialty training / terminology

Specialty specific events should start at the later time of 6.00pm to enable more to attend

..this will be implemented for the next round of events starting in Autumn 2014


…we are currently organising a range of podcasts to be added to our new website over the next month

Posters should be displayed in all localities advertising the service

…this has now happened

There should be a Careers Fair in each Trust

The Career Planning Service could trial having a table for informal chats in Doctor’s mess

..this is has been trialed.

How about a wanted/needed free-ads style website for putting researchers and volunteers in touch with each other for audits/research/projects?

…this idea has been passed to…