Equality and Diversity training for:

  • Clinical Supervisors

  • Educational Supervisors

  • GP Educational Supervisors

  • GP Trainers

  • ARCP Panel members

  • Specialty and Foundation Training Interview Panel members

  • GP Assessors and Recruitment Simulators

All of the above are required to evidence Equality and Diversity training every 3 years as part of their contractual and educational training requirements.  Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education will remind all staff and its stakeholder members when this training is due and will monitor the completion rates.  Your employer/current organisation provides ED&I training on eLearning as part of your Statutory Mandatory training.


A copy of the certificate will be required as evidence of completion of training and forwarded to the relevant department at PPGME:


General Practice Specialty Training Foundation
Gemma Sams FacultyDevelopment.SW@hee.nhs.uk

Suzanne Maddock