Educational and Clinical Supervisors

The content of this information is aimed at enabling Trainers to fulfill their role. It is particularly directed at Clinical and Educational Supervisors within the secondary care setting.

Ensuring our trainers (Faculty) are trained and able to undertake their role is of high priority to us as an organisation and for the GMC as the regulator.

This section of the website should direct you to appropriate information for you to understand our strategy, the training available, the application process for courses, links to other information and, address the frequently asked questions (FAQs). Your comments and feedback would be welcomed to allow us to improve its content and presentation - please email the Faculty Development team with your comments.

Information we publish

We publish information we have about trainers on the GMC medical register (List of Registered Medical Practitioners). This includes doctors who have been recognised as a:

  • Postgraduate clinical supervisor
  • Postgraduate educational supervisor

Criteria for trainer recognition

We use the Academy of Medical Educators Professional standards for medical, dental and veterinary educators (2014) as the criteria against which trainers in recognised roles must provide evidence of their ongoing professional development. Although these standards have been updated, we still use the 2014 edition for approval and recognition of trainers.

The criteria comprise seven areas as below:


  1. Ensuring safe and effective patient care through training
  2. Establishing and maintaining an environment for learning
  3. Teaching and facilitating learning
  4. Enhancing learning through assessment
  5. Supporting and monitoring educational progress
  6. Guiding personal and professional development
  7. Continuing professional development as an educator

The Peninsula and Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) programme of training for both the named clinical supervisor and the educational supervisor has been designed around both the GMC domains for trainers and Academy of Medical Educators Professional standards. Historically these have been established in different ways across the two Deaneries but are equivalent in both required training time and content and meet the GMC domains for trainers.


The named clinical supervisor is the person responsible for creating the clinical supervisors report that is incorporated into the Trainee’s educational supervisor as part of the ES report for the ARCP assessment process. There are currently no Health Education England / GMC requirements for normal departmental clinical supervision.


As it current stands, Peninsula has 5 modules of training (1-3 for the role of named Clinical Supervisor and 1-5 for the role of Educational Supervisor) and Severn have 7 training modules (1-4 for role of named Clinical Supervisors and 1-7 for Educational Supervisors) in Severn. These have been designed to ensure that all supervisors in both Peninsula and Severn meet the GMC domain for trainers; the criteria for training is aligned to enable recognition and approval of trainers on the GMC website.