Details of Training:

Modules 1 & 2 - Training, Patient Safety and Successful Learning Environments

  • Be able to discuss the purpose and format of induction to a clinical area and be able to use the balance between service and education to maximum training benefit. Identify learning opportunities in the clinical environment and identify the expected competencies of a trainee
  • Recognise and discuss the symptoms of a doctor in difficulty and the roles & responsibilities of the clinical and educational supervisors
  • Understand the trainee and trainer roles in the supervisor meeting, review and discuss the Educational Supervisor Report

Module 3 - Workplace Based Assessments & Feedback

  • To demonstrate how high quality training can be achieved utilising workplace based assessments and providing feedback through formalised supervisors reports and constructive verbal comment
  • Explain what Work Place Based Assessments are, their purpose and how both the formative and summative elements need to be applied to use them effectively
  • Discuss the Principles of giving effective feedback

Module 4 - How to Support Trainees & Career Planning

  • To be able to identify the signs of a trainee with difficulties. Developing a deeper understanding, through practical activity, of the techniques and structure required to deliver impartial, confidential and informed career guidance in the trainer/trainee interaction. Real life case studies will be used and the use of video cameras may take place at certain times during the afternoon session.
  • To understand the types of problems experienced and discuss solutions. Tools and resources – introducing the in-house PPGME and national tools and resources currently available to support the work of trainers providing career support. Delegates will be given the opportunity to gain ‘hands-on’ experience of using these tools.
  • To understand the roles and responsibilities of the posts (individuals) involved in postgraduate education. Signposting and referral systems – delegates will be introduced to Careers and other support services e.g. mentoring, coaching and counselling provided free by PPGME to guide and support trainees in their career development.

Module 5 - Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) & Beyond

  • To understand the ARCP process - the evidence submission, panel remit and outcomes & consequences
  • To gain knowledge & understanding of the role of the educational supervisor in and following the ARCP
  • Awareness of the integration of this module with the supervisor training required by Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education

The initial series of modules 1-5 will be offered throughout a 12 month period in four training windows.

  • Modules 1-3 will be held on Day 1 and Modules 4 & 5 will be held on Day 2
  • The four window modules will be in February, May, September and November
  • Day 1 & Day 2 can be attended in any order with consideration of diary availability


  • Truro
  • Exeter
  • Plymouth
  • North Devon
  • Torbay