Educational Supervisor training modules 1-5

In the current COVID-19 crisis, decisions have been made by HEE and by most Trusts to cancel many training events. This has included the Educational Supervisor Training modules 1-5.

This is clearly frustrating for everyone and there will be a number of colleagues who were booked onto these supervisor training modules with the expectation that this accredited them to supervise a trainee.

In order to reduce disruption and maintain training standards as much as possible, we would like to suggest that anyone who had booked onto a supervisor training course that has been cancelled (from March 2020 onwards) should go ahead and act as a supervisor, with a period of grace of one year in which to complete the training. We all need to be pragmatic about this and rely on our own professionalism during this challenging time.

Of note, all DMEs and MEMs have access to all the training materials but any face-to-face training in your own Trust is near on impossible as clinical time is paramount and days off for rest is essential for everyone’s well-being. DMEs also have their hands full maintaining trainee support and wellbeing.

We would like to remind all colleagues that it is in trainees’ best interests (as well as being a requirement by the GMC) to have well trained supervisors, and we hope that the supervisor training modules can be rescheduled as soon as things return to normal. We will be getting in touch with everyone who had signed up for the supervisor training to rebook as soon as replacement training days are arranged.


Educational Supervisor CPD training/events

We have also cancelled all Educational Supervisor CPD training.

We obviously need to consider how we can maintain Educational Supervisor accreditation. We also need to be realistic here and accept that achieving the required CPD over the current 5 year period may not be possible in the current clinical climate, especially if an Educational Supervisor is near to the end of their 5 year window. Therefore we will be allowing an extension to the 5 year accreditation window giving a 1-year period of grace to achieve the required CPD.

This is in line with information received form the  GMC as regards recognition of Trainers

Doctors who are recognised trainers who are due to have their recognition expire before September will have their recognition extended by 12 months. We're doing this to give postgraduate education organisers, medical schools and recognised trainers more time to update and maintain their list of approved and recognised trainers. This includes doctors who have been recognised as a:

  • named postgraduate clinical supervisor
  • named postgraduate educational supervisor
  • lead coordinator of undergraduate training at each placement location; or
  • doctor responsible for overseeing students’ educational progress at each medical school.

If anything changes and we are able to offer any alternatives in the way we could offer these training events, we will get this information out to you.

In the meantime we wish you very well with whatever area of clinical practice you are engaged in, and thank you for all your support to trainees at this difficult time.


For any queries please contact Jane Thurlow (Severn) or Sarah Huline-Dickens (Peninsula), Associate Deans for Education and Faculty Development.