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Peninsula Professional Support Unit (PSU)

At Peninsula Professional Support Unit, the aim is to enhance our trainees’ potential whilst undertaking training in this region. We recognise that life as a trainee doctor can be stressful and challenging both personally and professionally. Peninsula PSU is therefore fully committed to all trainee doctors who wish to optimise their personal and professional development, for example through support in postgraduate examination, progression towards the required standard for their level of training, career guidance or health issues.

Peninsula PSU is led by Dr Hiu Lam, Associate Postgraduate Dean for Professional Support, who can be contacted for formal or informal confidential discussion.

Trainees can either self-refer or could be referred by their trainers/supervisors from the employing Trust and/or Specialty School and/or Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) Panels. Please contact the PSU using the following email address:

It is sometimes challenging for trainers and trainees in pinpointing potential and related problems encountered in professional practice. To this end, PSU strives to promote an effective support pathway in signposting resources efficiently by developing a PSU ‘Trigger Indicators’ which describes common issues encountered in clinical practices and the identification of commonly overlapping and complicated problems. The framework serves only as a guide and is not intended to be exhaustive.

Following an expression of interest to be supported, each trainee will be allocated to one of the Associate Postgraduate Deans to provide 1:1 personal support. After an initial meeting with the trainee, the Associate Dean will recommend and signpost the trainee to appropriate resources if necessary. The same Associate Dean will usually oversee and provide ongoing guidance and facilitation for the entire duration that the trainee is supported for continuity. PPGME utilises a confidential internal coding matrix to grade the support needed for each trainee to Low, Moderate or High to ensure optimal support is provided at all times effectively.

Within the Peninsula PSU there is an Expert Panel which confidentially reviews aspects of a trainee’s progress quarterly, so individualised support can be recommended by a group of experienced trainers with accrued expertise in this area. The Expert Panel consists of senior educational and support resource faculties and operational leads from Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education. 

We also collaborate closely with Severn Postgraduate Medical Education Expert Panel to share generic learning and expertise in Health Education England (HEE) working across the South West.
All information is managed within the standard confidentiality frameworks.


The following documents have been specifically designed for Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education following consultation with local senior educators.

Professional Support Unit Policy

PSU – Trainee Support Guide 2015

May 2016