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Quality Management

Welcome to the Quality Management pages for Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education.

The Quality Team works across Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education and Severn Postgraduate Medical Education and we are also part of Health Education England (HEE).

We develop and quality manage systems to ensure that trainee doctors in all training programmes and posts within the South West Peninsula are provided with a high quality training experience within a supportive environment, in accordance with standards developed and quality assured by the General Medical Council (GMC), regulator for postgraduate medical education.

In order to ensure the standards of postgraduate medical education and training the GMC has published standards which set out requirements for the management and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and training.  The standards can be accessed on the GMC website.

Throughout the quality management process the organisation works with various bodies including trainees and local providers to ensure that each trainee receives the necessary support, guidance and training to aid their personal and professional development.

In particular, we are responsible for:

  • Sharing best practice to promote training excellence across the Peninsula and beyond
  • Managing the GMC National Trainee Survey (NTS)
  • Ensuring that all training posts and programmes are approved with the GMC
  • Quality management of trusts and postgraduate schools within the Peninsula, including responding to concerns and conducting visits as required
  • Overseeing Quality Panels and Programme Reviews
  • Maintaining a Quality Register of training concerns requiring improvement
  • Analysis of Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) outcomes
  • Maintaining a database of supervisors accreditation and monitoring compliance against GMC standards
  • Reporting to the GMC as required
  • Reporting to the Health Education England Governing Body for the South West and Quality Improvement Committee (QIC)
  • Reporting to the local Quality Surveillance Group (QSG) as required and acting on intelligence gained through this forum
  • Contributing to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) processes as required
  • Managing the Quality Board for Health Education England, working across the South West

Through these processes we aim to ensure the provision of a highly trained and skilled medical workforce.

What should trainees do if they have an immediate concern about their training?

  • Immediate patient safety concerns should be reported via your Trust reporting system
  • Other urgent concerns should be raised with your CS, TPD/FPD, DME or ES
  • Concerns can also be raised through Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education (formerly the Deanery) via PEN.TrainingConcerns@southwest.hee.nhs.uk.  

Other concerns can be fed back through the annual GMC trainee survey and the Quality Panel process.  For further details please see the left hand menu options.