Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education


School of Primary Care Educational Executive


The title of the group will be Educational Executive


1. Introduction

The Education Executive (EdExec) is the Top Team of the School of Primary Care (SoPC) in Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education and is responsible for its strategic planning and operational delivery under the leadership of the Head of Primary and Community Care Education (HPCCE).

1.1                  Purpose

1.1.1               Strategic planning for the School of Primary Care

1.1.2               Developing plans and harmonising with Severn School of Primary Care

1.1.3               Implementing strategic plans from HEE-SW

1.1.4               Planning the delivery of training and education for general practice from GP Specialty Trainee to established trainer and GP Educationalist (Faculty Development)

1.1.5               Adapting suitable innovative and developmental ideas for operational use

1.1.6               Establishing School of Primary Care policies

1.1.7               Ensuring School of Primary Care policies are followed

1.1.8               Advising on training and education for all General Practitioners in the Peninsula (Continuing Professional Development (CPD))

1.1.9               Quality assurance of GP training and education, including Specialist Training for General Practice, training practices, GP principals and sessional doctors

1.1.10             Ensuring appropriate CPD for Top Team members, GP Educationalists, trainers and other relevant parties

1.1.11             Liaison with stakeholders

1.1.12             Planning, delivering and quality assuring the recruitment process in the region

1.1.13             Planning, delivering and quality assuring the process of MRCGP in the region

1.1.14             Critical Event Analysis of successes and problems

1.1.15             Financial planning

1.1.16             Responding to new initiatives, both national and local

1.1.17             Working multi-professionally to support changes in Primary and Community Care.


2. Membership

The membership comprises:

  • Head of School of Primary Care
  • Associate Postgraduate Deans of GP Education (APDs)
  • Primary Care Manager
  • Training Programme Director (TPD) representative


3. Accountability

The Educational Executive reports to the Head of Primary and Community Education.


4. Review

This framework will be reviewed on an annual basis by the author of the documentation on behalf of the School of General Practice at Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education. The revised and ratified framework will be subject to final approval by the Head of Primary and Community Care Education.


5. Meetings

5.1       Meetings are held monthly in various locations across the Peninsula.

5.2       A member of the School of Primary Care administration team will be the Secretary to the Educational Executive.


Version 1.2

Review date – April 2017