Good Practice

Whilst much of the Quality Team's efforts involve working with the education providers to improve standards of postgraduate medical education we are also committed to sharing good practice.  

Over the last three years Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education (PPME) and Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (SPME), who are also part of Health Education England (HEE), have ranked within the top four Deaneries in England, demonstrating a consistently high level of performance (GMC National Training Survey).  The 2014 GMC Survey results report that thirteen programmes in HEE working across the South West are ranked 1st in England for overall satisfaction; 42% (33 of 79) of all programmes in HEE are ranked in the top three in England for overall satisfaction.

We have asked our trusts to share their examples of good practice so that we can advertise them here and help promote better ways of working across the Peninsula and beyond.  

This page is still under construction but we have included a few examples below and will add to this shortly.


South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust: Paediatric handover

The South Devon Healthcare paediatric team has completed a continuous quality improvement project over 3 years to develop their handover process.  They use a handover proforma and safety brief which is completed 3 times a day at the start of handover sessions and is designed to highlight any major issues.  The proforma has also proved useful in collecting cases or audit, xray meeting and governance reviews.  The team has altered their consultant duties, providing 2 consultants on duty daily to improve teaching and supervision and to support trainees access to study leave.  The team has regular departmental meetings that include simulated scenarios to support learning and team working.

Results from the 2014 GMC National Training Survey (NTS) reported two green outliers for paediatric handover.


Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust: Quality Improvement Academy

The Royal Devon and Exeter has developed a quality improvement academy which involves doctors and managers working together to identify QI improvements for trainees that ultimately have a benefit to patients, service and training.

Its first conference was held in May this year in association with the Peninsula Academic Health Science Network.   Trainees from across the South West attended with poster and oral presentations of their quality improvement projects.  Future events to share the quality improvement work of our trainees are planned for the future.


Clinical Radiology Programme, Peninsula: Annual Trainers Seminar

Over the last 3 years the Radiology Academy based in Plymouth has been holding an Annual Seminar for Radiology Trainers.   This is attended by College Tutors, Educational Supervisors and Clinical Supervisors from all sites. 

The conference acts as an annual educational update as well as an opportunity to define the direction of training for the coming year.  The event aims to actively engage and educate trainers through presentations and workshops and by providing a platform for networking and sharing of ideas.

In the GMC NTS 2014, Clinical Radiology in the Peninsula was placed 4th in England in terms of Overall Trainee Satisfaction; 3rd for Educational Supervision; and 5th for Clinical Supervision. As a programme Radiology has generally seen a positive increase in trainee feedback in these areas over the last few years.   It is hoped that attendance at the annual conference has a positive effect on trainers who in turn have a positive effect on the trainee experience and consequently their feedback through the GMC NTS.  

Funding limitations exist but implications can be kept to a minimum through use of a free venue, trainers applying for study leave and funding through their Trust, using a mix of local and further afield speakers thus reducing the need to fund travel. 


Paediatrics Programme, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

In 2017 the department introduced the Paediatric Awards For Training Achievements (PAFTAs) which is a regional (Peninsula) awards recognising the exceptional work and commitment provided by NHS doctors, nurses, multidisciplinary and non-medical staff looking after children & young people across the entire of Devon and Cornwall. The process of nomination by peers and colleagues, and subsequent award ceremony were hugely popular, and we used feedback from staff to further develop the process.

In 2018 nominations were opened up to all of the multidisciplinary and non-clinical staff, and we received over 300 individual nominations for staff across the whole deanery, and representing the full tableau of the paediatric workforce. All nominees received a formal certificate with their written nomination. The Awards Ceremony in February was a sell-out event, with over 150 people attending, representing every Trust in the deanery and every staff group.
We ran a raffle on the awards night, using prizes donated by local businesses, and raised over £1100; £500 of which has been donated to Children's Hospices South West, and the remainder has been put towards sustaining the PAFTAs and making it more accessible to staff in the future.

This venture has been enormously well received by all staff across the deanery. It champions the every day work of our incredible nursing and medical teams, and recognises the huge contributions made by other healthcare professionals and non-medical staff. It highlights the value of simply saying "thank you" and has seen significant boosts in staff morale as a consequence.

The department know that PAFTAs 2019 is going to be huge, and are already looking at ways to make it more inclusive and accessible. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website at or email