HEE South - Good Practice Event Summary 2018

A report summarising the feedback received from the ‘HEE South - Good Practice Event’ held on Wednesday 16th May 2018


In 2016 Health Education England (HEE) initiated the ‘HEE Quality Framework’ which is a multi-professional framework setting out expectations for the quality of the learning environment. As part of the framework HEE are encouraged to identify and disseminate good practice through networks and events locally and across regions.

To drive forward this part of the framework the HEE Quality Team based in the Peninsula hosted a Good Practice Event on behalf of the South region with a focus on celebrating best practice.


The event was held in the Lecture Theatre at the Research Innovation Learning and Development building based within the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. This was a free venue, holding a maximum of 120 people.

The aim of the event was to celebrate and share pockets of multi-professional good practice happening throughout the South region. Numerous multidisciplinary professionals were invited to present their areas of good practice. For the first session of the day delegates heard from the event’s key note speaker, Professor John Clark (Director and Dean of Education and Quality – South), who presented on ‘What a good learning environment looks like’ and discussed the outcomes of the recent REPAIR project. Delegates also heard from two Foundation doctors and three non-medical learners who presented on ‘What a good learning environment looks like’ to them. Two medical professionals from Southmead Hospital’s ICU department delivered an inspiring presentation on their Positive Incident Management System (PIMS).

As part of the second half of the day’s programme, attendees visited a series of a foyer poster presentations delivered by several multi-professional experts. The presentations ranged from the experiences of the Nursing Associate Pilot, Talent Management and Growing your Own Workforce, through to the positive effect the Devon CEPN has had on learners, Junior Doctor Wellbeing and how NMET monies can be spent more wisely.

Feedback results

To gather feedback on the event for future improvements the attendees were asked to complete a feedback form at the end of the day.

The charts below illustrate the feedback received via the 47 forms received.

Chart 1: Would it be useful for HEE to hold similar events in the future?

good practice event chart 1


Chart 2: What was your overall impression of the event?

good practice event chart 2


Chart 3: The length of the event sessions were…

good practice event chart 3


Chart 4: Did you find the day a useful opportunity to network with colleagues?

good practice event chart 4


Chart 5: Overall Satisfaction of Presentations

good practice event chart 5


Throughout the event delegates were asked to participate in a Mentimetre online poll. The charts below display the results, the larger the word, indicates how many times it was mentioned.

Chart 6: What does a good placement look like?

supportive image


Chart 7: List three good/positive words to describe today’s NHS

caring image

Comments received relating to the foyer presentations

From the comments received, the majority of delegates felt that this session was a good idea, valued the opportunity to hear snapshots of good practice from a variety of professions and felt that they were well presented. One person suggested a route map to help with the movement of the session and some felt that it would have been more beneficial to have had time to reflect and ask questions of the presenters where there were specific areas of interest for individuals.

Which aspects of the day did you find most useful?

Delegates commented on how helpful it was to attend an event which focussed on the positive working environment. Attendees appreciated the opportunity to network with colleagues and have conversations with a variety of Trust staff. The presentation on PIMS from the ICU department at Southmead Hospital was fed back by multiple attendees as an interesting and inspiring presentation. Some delegates reported that it was useful to hear directly from the trainee and learner perspective about what a good learning environment looks like. One person indicated that the culture of the learning environments should be higher on the Trust agendas.

Which aspects of the day did you find least useful?

The majority of feedback received in this respect was that some of the PowerPoint presentations were very difficult to read due to colours, font, too much detail and being too theoretical. One attendee suggested circulating reading materials for the foyer presentations in advance of the event to allow for a more thorough discussion; and another commented on their difficult experience with finding a parking space.

Any additional comments

Positive feedback was received from many delegates who confirmed that they found the day very useful. However there were a number of suggestions on how things could be improved for the future. One delegate commented that they would have appreciated more time to ask questions; two respondents requested clearer objectives/aims of the day; one person found it difficult to network and suggested issuing name badges next time; and a suggestion was received to include a ‘Trainers’ perspective of ‘a good learning environment’. Another suggestion for a future session was to include something on dealing with learners in difficulty and any good practice that could be shared in this respect. There were two comments relating to the requirement for easier access to coffee. There were two suggestions to host specific good practice events either per Trust or by healthcare profession.


Overall the feedback received was positive with 92% (43) of the 47 respondents agreeing that it would be a good idea for HEE to hold similar events in the future.

Positively 86% of respondents confirmed that the presentations were either extremely useful or useful compared to 6% of respondents who advised that they thought some presentations were not useful.

In addition, 88% (38) respondents felt that the session lengths were ‘about right’ compared to 12% (5) who thought that the sessions were ‘too long’.

Recommendations for future events

  1. Ensure clearer communication of the objectives and aims of the event.
  2. Provide a guidance document for PowerPoint presentations to give advice on the colours, fonts and size of slides appropriate for the venue. Provide name badges to include job title and place of work to make it easier for networking.
  3. Consider including a presentation from the trainer perspective and something around learners in difficulty
  4. Circulate any relevant reading material and/or biographies of presenters prior to the event.
  5. Consider adding a session for networking or a group workshop (if the constraints of the venue allow).
  6. Consider an event for either each healthcare profession or Trust.

Next Steps

  1. South Quality Team to discuss the possibility of hosting future Good Practice Events at the next ‘South Quality and Commissioning’ team meeting.
  2. Quality team to share report with the Senior Management Team and South Quality Team.

Developed by Sophie Rose (Quality Support Administrator) - June 2018
Authorised by Jane Bunce (Quality Manager)