Process Map for Multi-Professional Triggered Visits and Programme Reviews

Trigger to start process

Training or education concern raised.

Link into Quality team to determine the appropriate action i.e. desk top review, triggered visit or programme review.  




  • Engage with wider workforce to determine whether it is a multi-professional triggered visit
  • Identify chair depending on where the concern originated
  • Identify key panel members (Inc. learners, lay rep, external rep, Associate Dean, DoN, College Tutor etc)
  • Advise key panel members and attendees why the review is taking place and propose a selection of dates for the visit
  • Ensure that the School Manager is aware of why and when the visit is taking place and confirm who is leading it i.e. Quality or School
  • Prepare and finalise the agenda (with wider workforce if necessary). *Use HEE Template
  • Ask Chair what evidence they require prior to the visit e.g. GMC NTS data, ARCP data, log books, student SIs etc
  • Confirm Administration support requirements i.e. note taker


  • Confirm meeting room(s)
  • Circulate an invitation to the necessary learners (Inc. times of attendance)
  • Gather any necessary evidence not being collated by HEE and send to chair /panel prior to the visit. Quality Team to send reminders as necessary


  • Organise refreshments and lunch if required (Payable by HEE)
  • Minute meeting

On the day of the visit the ‘Chair’s responsibility is to introduce the purpose of the visit and manage the agenda along with documents/evidence with the panel. The ‘Chair’ should conclude the visit by providing feedback to the wider panel/Education Provider/Trust representatives and agree any recommendations and/or requirements.




  • Type up minutes into the HEE report format and send to the chair /co chair for comment


  • Chair /co chair to review report and circulate to panellists for comment
  • Chair to send report to Quality team for signing off
  • Quality team to send report to the Education Provider/Trust and Department for factual accuracy check via the DME and or DoN. Normally a two-week timeframe will be provided


  • Quality team to circulate final report to the necessary learners, HOS, School Manager and Education Provider/Trust representatives.
  • Quality team to add any necessary recommendations to the Quality Register for monitoring.
  • Quality team to review action plan (where necessary)
  • Quality team to add report to website.
  • Consider if intelligence needs to be communicated more widely e.g. CQC, NHSI, QSG etc.