Current leadership development opportunities available in PGME in the South West

Formal courses

Leadership Academy


  • FY2 : Introduction to Leadership - 1 day course
  • CT : Essential Leadership Skills - 2 day course. Local Leadership Training Faculty currently being recruited and trained to deliver this course
  • ST : Professional and Generic Skills Module 6
  • ST : Stand alone 2 day Leadership course
  • ST : HELM programme - 6 day course (3 modules)
  • School specific programmes: Keele University
  • External Masters Programmes – continued support with 50% funding support from the Innovation Fund

Current activities for Trainers and Faculty

  • Leadership Skills day for Educational Supervisors – facilitating Leadership for ESs
  • Train the Trainers for future CT Essential Leadership Skills course
  • Masterclasses in Leadership

Current Activities for Senior Educational Faculty

  • ASME Leadership week for DMEs, HoSs and TPDs - "Developing Leaders in Healthcare Education"
  • Management Skills for Senior Educationalists.
  • Other programmes are available on an individual basis, including a variety of levels of development through the NHS Leadership Academy. For further details or dates on any of the above courses and how to apply, please contact Severn Education (South West)

Informal Learning Opportunities