Revalidation is now in place and is the process by which licensed doctors will be able to demonstrate to the GMC that they remain up-to-date and fit to practice.

In order to revalidate, it is important that all SAS doctors have access to study leave for purposes of CPD, and have dedicated SPA time in their job plans.  HESW would like to emphasis the importance of a robust and well thought through professional development plan as a part of the annual appraisal process.  SAS Doctors can get help from their specialty clinical leads for their SAS Tutor in this regard. There are criteria of CPD set out by relevant Colleges and Faculties and it is more important than ever that all SAS doctors attain these minimum standards in order to be revalidated.

To be revalidated, you should have a yearly appraisal with personal development plan, keep updated on your CPD requirements, and have a multisource feedback.

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