2018 SAS Conference Feedback

SECTION 1: General Feedback

1. Are you?


1a. If you selected Other, please specify:

  • Medical Member Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland


2.Which Trust are you based at?


 2a. If other, please state:

ABUHB, Newport

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Doncaster and Bassetlaw teaching hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust

Dorset Healthcare NHS FT

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Luton and Dunstable NHS Hospital Trust

Manchester University Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust

Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Sirona Care

Southmead Hospital

St Margaret's hospice, Yeovil


West Hertfordshire NHS Trust


3. Were the choices of topics interesting and fair to suit all?



4. Was the Agenda for the Conference clear?



5. Was the Conference worth the time that you spent on it? 



6. How did you feel about the Conference in general? 



7. The objectives of the Conference were clear/ met?



8. This Conference has helped improve my confidence as a Doctor?



9. I rate the venue location as:


9a. If you selected 'Poor', please explain:

  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • No
  • Good Venue

10. Facilities at the venue were:


 10a. If you selected 'Poor', please explain:

  • Food and drink quality not up to the mark, was a sort of a compromise.  Toilets' flush - not properly working
  • Inadequate food during lunch break for the number of attendants at the conference. The last 20-30 people in the queue were practically left with a few dry sandwiches and some salad


11. Please state any comments or recommendations for the venue:

A bit crowded as drinks, food are too close together and also long queues.  Food scattered at 2 different tables will quicken the process and provide easy access to food.

A pretty trivial comment re. catering - would be super to have labels next to the sandwich options at lunch, tricky to choose! Otherwise a fantastic venue, impressed.

All was ok


Can’t fault anything

Catering was excellent. good selection of food and beverages

Centrally located convenient to get location with ample parking

Coffee machines were not working well

Convenient for most of us

Convenient location

Easily accessible

Easy to find and free parking, away from city centre

Easy to reach, parking facilities, but very cold

Enjoyed every moment of the conference-contents of the conference and the food were very good.

Excellent catering and lots of free parking

Excellent venue, very accommodating staff, good temperature and good seating capacity of lecture theatre and rooms for breakout sessions.

Fantastic!  Keep it up!

Fantastic I enjoyed everything and my stay in the hotel was very enjoyable

Food is bad but dessert is good

Food is not enough for the whole group

Food was poor

Good location and easy access for all

Good location and nice room settings. It would be better if there is clear direction for different types of meal.

Good location and recommend this venue for future conferences

Good location.  Good food.  Helpful staff

Hope they can provide hot food instead of sandwiches, as this is a once a year gathering

I appreciated the fact that parking was available on site

I was very pleased there was vegan food, but less pleased it was clumped together as "Vegan and gluten-free" which meant there was still doubt about what I could eat. Would suggest two separate sections.

I would recommend either changing the venue the next time or asking the hotel to charge for the food (set menu maybe). I am sure most of us would have preferred to pay for our lunch and eaten some decent food.

Interesting topics

It is far from city centre

Keep this permanent

Keep up the good work

Location, catering, car parking

Lunch food run out pretty soon so people that finished their lectures late did not have much choice left.

Lunch ran out too soon and lots of people were left with chips and a few leftovers

Nice with ample space for car parking and good catering

Not enough time given for questions, and time not shared fairly. One person spends 20mins on a question and then you don't let anyone else ask a question. Very very unfair.

Parking was a slight problem at this venue

Parking was easy; refreshments were good

Prefer venue closer to Cornwall or Exeter

Preferred the Plymouth/Exeter Venue

Reservation of rooms for delegates, discount will be appreciated

Rooms are spacious, car parking facility is very good, food is excellent although it run out at the end for the late finishing group. plenty of refreshments. over all it was excellent.

Seating area for lunch and tea breaks

Secured parking for delegates was very helpful

Setting out lunch in a different manner. The queues were rarely long, no one knew which side to queue for meat/non meat items.  One group was overrun so lots had gone.

Some of the dishes ran out before I could get my first servings, not refilled, Drinks served adequately, excellent on that

Thank you!

The lecture room and parking were excellent and the food was good. However, the ladies toilets were poor as half of them were broken/not flushing and this created delays getting to talks. Also I could not get a decaffeinated coffee because both machines were broken (one was doing hot chocolate only) and the big urns were only for normal coffee. There was no decaf tea either. I get SVT's so I can't drink caffeine but I love tea and coffee so I was a bit fed up drinking fruit teas all day.

The rooms were cold. Vegetarian food had limited choices

The talk on STP was not valuable or interesting

The venue was excellent with amazing food and facilities

The venue was excellent; it was easy to navigate

Total of 3 people were directing those arriving by car. Very helpful & much appreciated! Also helpful to see Claire's comments in bold on email about entering your car registration on the iPads at reception.

Very good

Very good course and would like to do it again in future

Very peaceful


12. I would recommend this Conference to a colleague.



13. Recommendations for future conferences. 

An update on career progression

Better food

Bristol is centrally located for M4/M5 commute and the venue was close to Bristol Parkway station

Change of venue somewhere central means Exeter please

Consultant input to raise their understanding of SAS grade

Could we possibly consider Cornwall/ Truro as a venue for a future conference?

Debate session of national issue, Brexit on NHS, for example.

Do not organise it on Friday as motorway packed on finishing conference!!!!!!!


Future NHS strategies- Speakers from Kings Fund or NHS think tank

I think the parallel sessions are an excellent idea

If the place is still available, I will recommend that we still use it.

In Barnstaple please next time

Keep the same level of excellence

Keep up the good work, Conference was well organised, Food can be improved for the next conference

Lanhydrock hotel

More availability on workshops - educational supervisors workshop

More of the same.  A great conference - thank you.

More workshops

Need a little more time for questions and discussions

Perhaps the STP and associate specialist talks could be dropped from future meetings, as I did not feel these were helpful talks.

Personally did not find the final session of the day at all helpful, though felt rude to leave - career planning might be better suited to opt-in workshops rather than the main lecture theatre as really not of interest to everyone.

please arrange somewhere a bit closer to Cornwall in future. thanks.

Please do not keep on Friday. The motorway was extremely busy. 

similar themes

Thank you!

Working in low to middle income countries: how to fit this in with service commitments. What it might involve, how to choose your country, sources of information and funding or other support.  How to apply for project funds and where; how to manage a project.    Roles and remits of the HEE ad NHS improvement and how we can best interact with these, NIHR and what we can do to use these resources

You may consider a 2-day conference as all the topics were really interesting and I wish we had a bit more time. It was very interesting and well organised. Thank you for your time and effort.

30. Recommendations/ suggestions/ comments:

Over all, the conference is well organised. Presentations are good and useful for attendees. 

Overall, one-day conference was nicely packed with very useful topics by excellent speakers and it was applicable to my practice and career.

Parallel sessions need to attend most of them can this be possible

should continue to press for progress and implementation

Thank you once again for your time and effort.  A well organised conference. I will definitely recommend it to colleagues

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the day both for the content and the networking. it was excellent and represents much hard work and planning which is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

The topics covered were interesting.  would be interested to attend the conference again

Very good conference - 1 day is adequate - overall excellent investment of my time

Very good conference overall.  Thanks to the organizers and speakers.

Well organised event and I have nothing but praise to Imran and his team

Wonderfully arranged. keep it up?

Would it be useful to submit questions ahead of the conference?