Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education (PPgME) Trainee Representative for specialty training programmes/ schools.

Role duration:

For up to 2 years.

Aims of the trainee representative role:

The trainee representative has a key part to play in ensuring there are clear lines of communication between PPgME and the trainee body.

Their remit is to convey trainee opinion in matters arising at school meetings and disseminate information from these meetings.

Benefits of the role:

  1. Greater understanding of PPgME organisation and roles within this training framework
  2. Opportunities to demonstrate leadership and project management skills

  3. Opportunity to gain experience working in committee structures


  1. Enthusiasm and interest in education and training
  2. Effective time management and organisational skills

  3. Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  4. Commitment to attend training meetings and undertake project management of training issues

  5. Support from your College Tutor/ Educational supervisor (Foundation School) or Training Programme Director (or equivalent) prior to applying and throughout the role

  6. Enrol on the Professional and Generic Skills Programme

Role selection process:

Each specialty should determine the process that best applies to their group of trainees. The process should be fair and equitable to all trainees eligible to undertake the role.

Trainee responsibilities will be to:

  • be the spokesperson for trainees at PPgME committee meetings. This will require the canvassing of opinions of colleagues prior to these meetings
  • disseminate information from these meetings to trainees. Representatives will need to ensure timely preparation of reports to feedback to colleagues

  • take a proactive approach to enhancing training. This includes contribution to, and leadership of new and existing initiatives
  • co-ordinate advertisement of the post at the end of position and the election of a successor (in the case of more than one volunteer). This includes arranging a formal handover

  • ensure that the trainee representative information pack is kept up to date
  • ensure that they collect feedback on their performance in the role from their Training Programme Director, Head of School or other PPgME staff as appropriate (e.g. school manager and associate dean) for presentation at their ARCP

Peninsula PgME responsibilities will be to:

  • work with trainees to improve the delivery of training. If there are issues outside of the PPgME’s remit, then they will direct trainees to the right channels
  • provide appropriate administrative support to fulfill the role and aid with the dissemination of information

  • pay agreed expenses to cover travel to PPgME related meetings
  • support the use of study leave (or equivalent) to attend training meetings

  • recognise the role at ARCP with regards to leadership, communication and management domains. A certificate will be issued after the completion of one term of representation