CHaT Training Course - Cardiff

Category: Training - Other

Date: March 6th 2020

Location: Cardiff


CHaT Training Course (Cardiff) - Friday 6th March 2020


Children's Headache Training (CHaT) has been designed to improve knowledge and skills amongst health professionals who care for children and young people with headache. By the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Take a headache-focussed history and undertake a relevant examination
  • Classify headache based on this information alone (reducing reliance on investigation)
  • Learn about pathophysiology of headache
  • Know which elements of the history / examination mandate brain imaging or other tests
  • Diagnose and manage migraine, migraine variants and other primary headache types
  • Diagnose secondary headaches and take initial steps in their management


To find our more about the course and to register, please see link below: 

CHaT Cardiff, Friday 6 March 2020