HEE-SW Webinar - Differential Attainment Springboard Workshop

Category: Training - Training Days/Workshops

Date: March 29th 2021 9:30am until 12:30pm

Location: Microsoft Teams


For Directors of Medical Education and Heads of Schools in the South West

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About the workshop:

This springboard workshop is aimed to help us understand the factors that can lead to Differential Attainment in medical trainees and how we can overcome them.

Differential attainment (DA) is what we call the gap between attainment levels of different groups of doctors. 
It exists in both undergraduate and postgraduate contexts, across exam pass rates, recruitment and Annual Review of Competence Progression outcomes and can be an indicator that training and medical education may not be fair.

Differentials that exist because of ability are expected and appropriate.

Differentials connected solely to age, gender or ethnicity of a particular group are unfair.


Speaker: Dr Katherine Woolf

Dr Katherine Woolf is Associate Professor in Medical Education and Honorary Research Fellow in Psychology at UCL. Dr Woolf’s research is about understanding and addressing inequalities in medical education, notably differential attainment by ethnicity, and more recently socio-demographic differences in selection into medical school. Her work has been used by the General Medical Council, Health Education England, and Medical Schools Council to improve the fairness of medical training at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. 


To increase awareness and understanding of Differential Attainment, and consider the implications and potential interventions in the South West.


By the end of the session, delegates will:
- Have a working knowledge of the evidence for the impact of Differential Attainment on trainees
- Understand how Differential Attainment fits into the diversity profile of the South West
- Have considered ideas for action plans to address Differential Attainment in the South West.