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August 2023 - Please note, due to the ongoing industrial action, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone courses scheduled to run on strike days.  We apologize for any inconvenience and will reschedule the affected courses as soon as is possible.  Thank you for your kind understanding. 

Meet the team

Jane Thurlow

Associate Dean PED (SW Lead) 

Sarah Huline-Dickens 

Associate Dean PED

Pippa Blacklock 

Associate Dean PED 

Wai Tse 

Associate Dean Simulation 

Dan Fresh-Water Turner

Associate Simulation 

Katherine Finucane

Associate Dean S/AS 

Eng Ong

Associate Dean EDI (Secondary Care)

Giovanna Edwards

Senior Business and Education Manager 

Anne Elliott

Professional Education and Development Team Leader

Evette May

Professional Education and Development Team Leader


Professional Education and Development Officer (SAS, QI and Simulation)


Professional Education and Development Coordinator (Apprentice) (SAS, QI, Simulation, CaReforMe, SuppoRTT)

Anita Simmons

Professional Education and Development Officer (Faculty Development)

Jon Dicken

Professional Education and Development Coordinator (Faculty Development)

Jason Cordingley

Professional Education and Development Coordinator (Study Leave)

Mission Statements

Professional Education and Development  - PED

Professional Education and Development at Health Education England South West is committed to organising and reviewing structured educational activities to support and complement the educational and professional development of Postgraduate medical trainers and trainees across the South West region, including S/AS doctors.

The two main streams are Faculty Development and Education.

Faculty Development

Our aim is to ensure that all trainers have sound educational and clinical supervisor training to fulfil core medical responsibilities in keeping with good medical practice and they feel skilled in supporting their trainees. Ensuring our trainers are trained and able to undertake their role is of high priority to us as an organisation and for the GMC as the regulator. We are proud that the South West is consistently rated highly in the annual GMC training survey. 

Educational developmental training also extends to Masterclasses for medical educators including S/AS doctors.

Faculty Development regularly updates training and events according to feedback and as part of its training needs analysis (TNA) every five years.

Contact facultydevelopment.sw@hee.nhs.uk


Our aim is to provide postgraduate medical trainees with ongoing support in a wide range of educational and developmental CPD opportunities that lie outside their School Specialty curriculum, including Leadership Development, Quality Improvement, Professional & Generic Skills and Patient Safety.

Contact studyleave.sw@hee.nhs.uk