Looking for ideas and other peoples approach to a similar or the same problem can be a source of inspiration. In this sections we have advice from poster judges on what makes a great project, examples by specialty and type as well as the SQUIRE guidance for national and international publication


What makes a great project/poster - Guidance from SW judges:

Bristol Patient Patient Safety Conference (BPSC) is not just a valuable place to present your work but also to learn from others. Poster examples are easily accessible and the guidance on what a poster / presentation should include is here.


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SQUIRE Guidance is internationally recognised as the standard to work towards:

Standards for reporting quality improvement have been developed so as to maximise the value to the improver but also the reader who may want to adapt an approach or even copy it.

Sharing and borrowing from others is a key ingredient - why reinvent the wheel but you may need to adjust the wheel size and fitting so it matches your team/ patients requirements!


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How to conceptualise your ideas and plans:

The squire standards of QI reporting excellence 2.0 gives guidance within the introduction as to problem identification, rationale and aim setting.


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Posters from BPSC:


                     Pages 1 - 24; Improving Processes and Healthcare Outcomes

                     Pages 25- 33; Training, Education, Knowledge, Best Practice

                     Pages 34 - 42; Systemwide Improvement, Building Patient Safety Capacity

                     Pages 43 - 53; Better Teamwork, Enhancing Patient Experience, Learning from Events



                     Category A; Improving Primary & Secondary Care

                     Category B & C; Improving Care Pathways

                     Category D; Patient Handover

                     Category E; The Deteriorating Patient

                     Category F; The Older Patient

                     Category G; Medicines Management and Maternity Care 


                     Category A; Improving Maternal, Neonatal and Paediatric Care 

                     Category B & C; Medicines Management

                     Category D; The Older Patient

                     Category E; Improving Primary Care

                     Category F & G; Care of the Unwell Patient

                     Category H; Handover

                     Category I & J; Education and Training

                     Category K & L; Improving Processes and Outcomes

                     Category M; Improving Handover and Intensive Care

                     Category N; Improving Admission and Discharge

                     Category O & P; Improving the Care of the Surgical Patient