Welcome to all Specialty Doctors, Staff Grades and Associate Specialists

Please note, these pages are currently under development – if you would like assistance please contact us and we will be pleased to help: england.sas.sw@nhs.net

These pages provide a single source of information relevant to SAS doctors working in the South West. Our emphasis will be on education, revalidation and CPD. Rather than duplicating information, links to further reading/ information are provided as and where necessary. We hope that this will provide doctors with useful and practical information they need to progress.

Dr Katherine Finucane is the Associate Postgraduate Dean for SAS Doctors for NHS England.

The SAS Trust Leads/Tutors in the NHS England (NHSE) region are the first point of contact for all SAS doctors and are there to support and offer guidance on career-related issues, education and development, and the use of SAS CPD funding at a local level. NHSE would be pleased to offer guidance and support for individual cases. Please contact the Associate Dean directly or via the SAS Inbox. We are very open to suggestions, and would welcome your comments.

NHS England consists of the following sites:

Trust Sites (Peninsula & Severn)

SAS Tutor/ SAS Lead

Director of Medical Education

Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (Sev)

Julie Miller

Joanna Whitson

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (Pen)

Cathy English

Celice McDermott

Devon Partnership NHS Trust (Pen)

Daniela Murgoci

Sam Kirkwood & Jason Hancock

Gloucester Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust (Sev)

Rajkamal Choudhury

Joe Stratford

Gloucester Hospitals NHS Trust (Sev)

Shanti Raghava

Preetham Boddana & Noel Peter

Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (Sev)

Vandhna Sood

Emma Torbe

Livewell Southwest (CIC) (Pen)

Shahbaz Noor

Vishal Sharma

North Bristol NHS Trust (Sev)

Miloslav Kmonicek 

David Evans

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (Pen)

Vanessa Wright

Lawrence Moulton

Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust - North Devon (Pen)

Muhammad Razzaq


Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust - RD&E (Pen)

Lauren Barker

Ray Sheridan

Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust (Sev)

Chris John

Kate Peacock

Somerset Foundation Trust - Musgrove Park (Sev)


Stephen Harris 

Somerset Foundation Trust - Psychiatry (Sev)

Alla Taylor

Linda Heaney

Somerset Foundation Trust - Yeovil (Sev)

Michael Fernando

Oliver Donaldson

Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust (Pen)

Nicki Burke

Jacqueline Rees-Lee

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust (Sev)

Sarah Mungall / Lucinda Farmer

Kieron Rooney

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (Pen)

Clare Turner

Annette Rickard