Career Planning Service


Workplace Based Assessments (WpBAs)


Career Planning Service

The Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education Postgraduate (PPGME) Career Planning Service is currently offering you the opportunity of a personal Career Guidance Appointment with a qualified professional.

Please email the Careers Team for further details (Please include a brief description of what you would like to discuss)

This free service is confidential and impartial and you can use the appointment for a number of different topics.

For example:

Career Planning Service appointment topics
* Advice on re-entering specialty training
* Guidance around your next steps
* Advice on how to get the most from your SAS post regarding CPD
* Advice on your CV/ Portfolio
* Interview and Presentation Skills
* Mock interviews with video feedback - with a personal copy on DVD



We encourage all SAS doctors to maintain a personal portfolio, which should contain information on their clinical activity and experience. This can also be used as supporting evidence for CESR application and annual appraisals. The contents of the portfolio will differ with each specialty; however as a guide you can maintain a record of the following:

  • Clinics attended - under supervision and independently

  • Ward work

  • Operative procedures

  • Work Place Based Assessments - if any

  • Teaching experience

  • Audits & Research

  • Professional courses attended

There is a choice between paper-based or electronic portfolio.  JRCPTB now offers e-portfolios for SAS Doctors for a fee (scroll down to the 'non-training' doctors section).


Workplace Based Assessments (WpBAs)

The working circumstances of SAS doctors can vary hugely, and therefore WpBAs cannot be made a mandatory requirement for SAS doctors.  However, HESW encourages a voluntary participation especially for doctors new to this grade.  In addition to helping the interested doctors with their CESR application, it will increase their confidence and raise their departmental profile.   


SAS NHS Employers

Information about the SAS grade from NHS employers, linking with the recent SAS week. There are blogs from SAS doctors and information about the Specialist Grade as well as stories of personal career journeys.